Greetings from Gel!

Ⅰ arrived in Fukuoka yesterday。I am really happy to be here in Japan right now, not only because it’s 7 degrees Celsius cooler here (it’s 32 C in Manila right now), but because I am excited to work with the APCC again.

At the airport with Kanu-san, Karuna, and Muta-san

At the airport with Kanu-san, Karuna, and Muta-san

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Gel (that’s short for Angela) and I’m from the Philippines.  I was a JA in 2002, a PA in 2009, and a BCIO Head Office Member in 2010.  I just graduated from college last March so the APCC has my full commitment now.

I had an orientation session a while back with Mr. Kurisu san, the APCC’s Senior Executive Director, Mr. Kenny Kurishige san, the BCIO Head Office’s Assistant Managing Director, Ms. Kanae Kimoto san, the APCC’s Secretary-General, Ms. Kanu Oishi san, in-charge of BCIO this year, and Salman and Karuna, the APCC interns last year.

With Kenny-san, Kurisu-san, and Kanae-san

With Kenny-san, Kurisu-san, and Kanae-san

I look forward to making history and working behind the scenes of the APCC.  I will do my best to be an awesome intern together with Erin Maitland.  She’s coming here some time in June.  Can’t wait to see her again after almost a year.

My work station

My work station

That’s all for now! I’ll update again next week! 🙂


Desk Report from BCIO Interns

Dear Friends,


We would like to share some recent activities of APCC. On 7th September Tuesday, APCC organized a big meeting. The name of the meeting was “22nd APCC debriefing Session for sponsors and supporters”. It was organized to inform about 22nd APCC and its success to the sponsors and supporters. We showed some PowerPoint presentations and videos of 22nd APCC. This is the 1st time in APCC of holding this kind of meeting for the supporters group. They were very pleased to see the current proceedings of APCC & BCIO.

On 12th September Sunday, APCC organized All in All Party for their volunteers, coordinators and supporters. It was all about to celebrate the success of 22nd APCC. Near about 150 peoples came to attend this party. We shared some of our interesting and exciting moments with everyone. Also BCJ organized an exhibition of VOH photos and raised fund for Pakistan Flood affected people. They collected a good amount of money for them. The party was organized in one Chinese restaurant.

BCJ is going to raise fund for flood affected Pakistan on next Saturday morning (18th September 2010). We all will be there in the street with BCJ members to raise fund.

With Regards,



Memories of 22nd APCC 2010

Hi Friends,

Greetings from BCIO Office.

As you all know that the 22nd APCC has been successfully completed on 28th July 2010. It was an exciting camp with lots of good memories and outcomes. We are now sharing some of the moments of the camp….. :-).

With Regards,

Salman & Karuna.

Host Family Meeting & VOH by BC Japan

Dear Friends,


Its almost 08 days left to begin of 22nd APCC. Another exciting convention with full of good memories and outcomes.

Last Saturday, we had a meeting for all the host families at Fukuoka civic hall. Near about 600 peoples attended on that day. The have been informed about the schedule of APCC Projects, 22nd APCC convention, Wing Kinds programs. Also the members of BCJ, Wing kids and Volunteers sang “We Are The BRIDGE” song in front of them. The host families also took part at one Video Shooting for the Junior Ambassadors. It was so nice to see their happy faces and they were so excited.

Also BC Japan organized Visions of Harmony (VOH). They displayed the pictures from different BCs to the host families. It was the 1st successful activities of new BCJ. The next VOH exhibition by BCJ will be organized on the performance event day at Fukuoka City Hall.

With Regards,



I’m here to help!

Hello Everyone,

After a few weeks of site seeing in Tokyo, I have made my way down to Fukuoka to help out in the BCIO office.

I was welcomed at the airport by some smiling familiar faces and then taken to a dorm that I will call home for the next few weeks.

I caught up with some friends last night and was taken out to a traditional yukitori bar by Ai, the APCC coordinator for some dinner and a catch-up.

Today I have started in the office. The one room office is a constant buzz of answering phones and has a flow of volunteers popping in to pick up their yellow t-shirts and information packs.

Its great to be in this environment and I’m here to help, so please, if there is anything you are unsure about or any questions you have then just let me know and I will make sure that you are all well prepared for the APCC this year.

My hope this year is that I can make the APCC PA Camp a fun and informative time for all those participating and I look forward to making some more life long friends.

See you in a few weeks!

Kindest regards,

Erin Maitland

Bridge Club Australia President and BCIO Head Office Member 2010

Updates from BCIO Interns

As the date of APCC is coming nearer, everyone here are very busy and on the final stage of preparation to welcome the 22nd APCC delegates.

On June 17, we attended the Board meeting and General meeting of APCC. They were informed about the schedules, programs and budgets during 22nd APCC. And also discussed on different topics like funds for APCC, BCIO . On those meetings we were introduced by Iwamoto san. Also we gave our introduction in Japanese Language :).

APCC is trying to create more effective learning opportunities for children to let them acquire sense of “Global Citizenship”. For this APCC is going to launch “ APCC MIRAI (future) Summit in FUKUOKA 2010”, on July 24, 2010 during the 22nd APCC Invitation Project. The objective of this program is to Nurture `Global Citizen` spirit among the Junior Ambassadors and to appeal significance and vision of APCC to the public. In this Summit, 44 representative Junior Ambassadors of all the Asian-Pacific countries/regions (one JA from each delegation + Japanese Junior Ambassadors) will gather at Fukuoka City Council Chamber and share various ideas presented by their multi-cultural friends and learn variety ways of thinking. The participating JAs` will be given a speaking opportunity in the Summit on different topics, however a speech time for each JA is limited to one minute. Each JA will explain the current situation and his/her own view towards it and also the ideal solution or dream towards his/her awareness. This is a perfect program for Junior Ambassadors to experience and appreciate the value of such a multicultural gathering. This program will start from 13:30-15:00 on July 24.

On July 24, there will be `We are the BRIDGE Festival` in front of Fukuoka City hall where all the participating JAs` will perform their cultural dance. This festival will start from 15:00 – 18:30. At the same time there will be BC Carnival where BC countries can display their BC activities and also can do some fund raising activities by selling BC souvenirs. The fund collected will be utilized for their respective BC activities.

We all are eagerly waiting to welcome the 22nd APCC delegates (218 JAs`, 42 Chaperons, 29 PAs` in 42 delegations from 32 countries and regions).

With regards,

Karuna & Salman

Meeting with Host families of 2010 PAs`

On June 13 we attended the 1st meeting with Host families of 2010 PAs`. Mori san, Ai san, Kurashige san explained them about APCC, PA program, BCIO and BCs. All the host families are very excited to welcome PAs` in this summer. Some of the PAs` are going to stay with their old host families and they are eagerly waiting to see them again. The host families are very happy to read letter from PAs`. Here are some photos.