Not “sayonara,” but “ja ne!”

Today, the 23rd APCC has finally come to an end as all delegates have taken their flights back home.  Host families, friends, and volunteers went to the airport to see the JAs, PAs, and Chaperons off.

In the APCC, we don’t say “goodbye.”  We say “see you again!” The world is a small place, and meeting amazing people from over 50 countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific just shows how globalized our world is becoming.

it's hard to make a friend


See you again!

See you again!

Thank you for hosting us!

Thank you for hosting us!

We hope that all our friends will reach home safely and will become active members in their BRIDGE CLUBS.  Thank you to everyone, especially the volunteers, and supporters.  This year’s APCC was a huge success! Let’s make next year’s Convention even better!

See you again!

– E and G


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