2 BCIO Interns, hundreds of great friends, and the APCC counting down!

About six months ago, Gel and I were selected as BCIO HO Interns, and thats when the work began, although it was only yesterday that finally saw Gel, Erin, Karuna, Salman and the whole APCC team in the one office in Tenjin, Fukuoka.

The day started early, Gel, Kanu and  Iwamoto-san stood at the Fukuoka International Airport gates as I (Erin) staggered through the doors with my 40kg of luggage!

The fun has arrived!

The fun has arrived!

A quick drive took us into Tenjin and we dropped of my bags, at the place I would call home for the next six weeks. Gel has been here since May and with only another 6 weeks left of her three month stay she quickly realised – It’s time to get busy!
Kanu and Gel showed me around the local area, some places I remembered, and some–I’m sure–were new. In such a vibrant city, it’s hard to remember everything, but as per usual, “I remembered the face but forgot the name.” Something I must work on.  Thank God I have Gel close by–her picture perfect memory and Japanese language skills will save me more than once, I’m sure.

We had lunch at “Tao.”  We had Hakata ramen, a delish pork broth soup with wheat noodles.  And then at 4 PM, I had my first meeting in the APCC office.

Gel, Kanu, and bowls of ramen

Gel, Kanu, and bowls of ramen

It was great to see some friendly, familiar, faces and also good to meet the 2 new APCC staff members – The girls in the office have got organised chaos down to a fine art, and no matter what event or activity is being planned, they are all across the board with what’s going on.

With Salman and his brand-new quacky shower cap!

With Salman and his brand-new quacky shower cap!

Getting closer with one of my closest friends, Karuna

Getting closer with one of my closest friends, Karuna

I got a quick run-down from Gel about what is planned over the next 6 weeks and then followed up with Kanu for a more detailed chat about what is expected of me and what activities I have to plan. My diary is already full and we have so much to do before the APCC even begins.

All in all, it was a great first day back in Fukuoka and I hope that Gel and I can follow in the successful footsteps of Karuna and Salman and make the 23rd APCC and PA Camp the best yet!

Please remember that we are here to help.  If there is anything you need then just let us know, but equally, if we ask you for something then please get it to us ASAP!  The checklists are all due tomorrow and it would be great if we didn’t have to chase any of you up!

Erin and Gel

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