June in Japan

Wow.  I haven’t posted anything in almost a month! Things have gotten really busier in the office as we have less than a month left till the 23rd APCC.

I’ve been attending a lot of meetings these past few weeks helping with the preparations and introducing myself in Japanese.  Just went to a Supporters’ Meeting this afternoon at Fukuoka Biru, actually.  Last week, I went to an APCC Leaders’ Meeting at Momochi.  It was raining that day, so the view from the room wasn’t as breath-taking as one would hope.



After what seemed like a hundred revisions, the flyer I’ve been working on since last month was mass produced.  Today about 400 flyers for the “BCIO OMOIYARI” Conference were delivered to the office.  Kanu-san and I mailed them to schools in Fukuoka and went to some 3 places around Tenjin to have them distributed.  Really awesome seeing these babies in huge numbers. 😀

The BCIO "OMOIYARI" Conference

The BCIO "OMOIYARI" Conference

During Sunday, we had an orientation for the PAs’ Host Families.  Here are some photos:

With 47 host families in the picture, the paperwork has gotten a lot more crazier.  On the brighter side of things, I’m now getting to learn how to read the Kanji last names of people.

Can’t wait for Erin to get here next week.  Things will surely be a lot easier with her around.

I hope all the PAs submit their assignments on time.  The deadline is 9 days from now and we’ve heard from less than half of the PAs.  Anyway we’ll see.  Time for me to go home now.



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