First Weeks in the Office

I’ve been helping out in the APCC Office for 2 weeks now.  I expected a lot of paperwork, but I never really knew the definition of “a lot” until I handled these documents.  I’m handling the documents of the JAs, PAs, and chaperons.

Everything in Japan is, of course, in Japanese.  I’m having some difficulty reading the Kanji characters, but people here, especially the APCC Coordinators, have been really nice and understanding, helping me find which folder a certain file is in, or which button to press to scan documents.

Just a taste of the 23rd APCC paperwork

Just a taste of the 23rd APCC paperwork

Last Friday, we had a party to bid Mayumi-san, former APCC Coordinator, goodbye as she leaves for Shanghai, China.  I met a lot of important people that night.  Here’s a group photo:

Group Photo

Group Photo

This afternoon, I had a video conference with the BCIO HO members and Erin using Ooovoo.  We discussed things for the PA Camp.  Here’s a screenshot:



I am really excited for this year’s APCC.  This year’s PAs have great ideas and we have a great batch of leaders in on this team.  This might be the best PA Camp ever. 🙂


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