Desk Report from BCIO Interns

Dear Friends,


We would like to share some recent activities of APCC. On 7th September Tuesday, APCC organized a big meeting. The name of the meeting was “22nd APCC debriefing Session for sponsors and supporters”. It was organized to inform about 22nd APCC and its success to the sponsors and supporters. We showed some PowerPoint presentations and videos of 22nd APCC. This is the 1st time in APCC of holding this kind of meeting for the supporters group. They were very pleased to see the current proceedings of APCC & BCIO.

On 12th September Sunday, APCC organized All in All Party for their volunteers, coordinators and supporters. It was all about to celebrate the success of 22nd APCC. Near about 150 peoples came to attend this party. We shared some of our interesting and exciting moments with everyone. Also BCJ organized an exhibition of VOH photos and raised fund for Pakistan Flood affected people. They collected a good amount of money for them. The party was organized in one Chinese restaurant.

BCJ is going to raise fund for flood affected Pakistan on next Saturday morning (18th September 2010). We all will be there in the street with BCJ members to raise fund.

With Regards,



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