Memories of 22nd APCC 2010

Hi Friends,

Greetings from BCIO Office.

As you all know that the 22nd APCC has been successfully completed on 28th July 2010. It was an exciting camp with lots of good memories and outcomes. We are now sharing some of the moments of the camp….. :-).

With Regards,

Salman & Karuna.

3 Responses

  1. Salman & Karuna, Thanks for the effort and creating this blog. Look forward to more interesting exchanges from hereon…from everyone from every APCC.

  2. spended good summer with my host brother Nawang and all 22th PA’s!!!

    Thank you so much for everyone!!!

    Keep in touch !!!

    Love Kaoru

  3. Salman & Karuna,
    Lots of memoirs when seeing you in these pictures.
    What a great summer!
    Miss you much. Miss all members in 22nd APCC.
    Keep in touch!!
    Thanh Pham ( Chaperon of Vietnamese deleg.)

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