Updates from BCIO Interns

As the date of APCC is coming nearer, everyone here are very busy and on the final stage of preparation to welcome the 22nd APCC delegates.

On June 17, we attended the Board meeting and General meeting of APCC. They were informed about the schedules, programs and budgets during 22nd APCC. And also discussed on different topics like funds for APCC, BCIO . On those meetings we were introduced by Iwamoto san. Also we gave our introduction in Japanese Language :).

APCC is trying to create more effective learning opportunities for children to let them acquire sense of “Global Citizenship”. For this APCC is going to launch “ APCC MIRAI (future) Summit in FUKUOKA 2010”, on July 24, 2010 during the 22nd APCC Invitation Project. The objective of this program is to Nurture `Global Citizen` spirit among the Junior Ambassadors and to appeal significance and vision of APCC to the public. In this Summit, 44 representative Junior Ambassadors of all the Asian-Pacific countries/regions (one JA from each delegation + Japanese Junior Ambassadors) will gather at Fukuoka City Council Chamber and share various ideas presented by their multi-cultural friends and learn variety ways of thinking. The participating JAs` will be given a speaking opportunity in the Summit on different topics, however a speech time for each JA is limited to one minute. Each JA will explain the current situation and his/her own view towards it and also the ideal solution or dream towards his/her awareness. This is a perfect program for Junior Ambassadors to experience and appreciate the value of such a multicultural gathering. This program will start from 13:30-15:00 on July 24.

On July 24, there will be `We are the BRIDGE Festival` in front of Fukuoka City hall where all the participating JAs` will perform their cultural dance. This festival will start from 15:00 – 18:30. At the same time there will be BC Carnival where BC countries can display their BC activities and also can do some fund raising activities by selling BC souvenirs. The fund collected will be utilized for their respective BC activities.

We all are eagerly waiting to welcome the 22nd APCC delegates (218 JAs`, 42 Chaperons, 29 PAs` in 42 delegations from 32 countries and regions).

With regards,

Karuna & Salman

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