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Last two weeks including Golden week holidays we had some wonderful memories. On May 3rd, we took part in Dontaku Festival. On that day we had an interview at NHK nationwide radio program. This program was lively broadcasted from Bay side, opening place of Dontaku festival. Both of us shared our experiences as a JA, impact of APCC in our life, memories with host family. Also one Wing Kids member Ms. Misaki Naito shared her experiences.

You can listen to our interview on this website:

The Dontaku parade was started from 2 pm and there were around 200 APCC participants. We dressed our national traditional costume, Mission project delegates also participated with their traditional costume brought from the respective countries and some participants wore APCC yellow t-shirts. It looked really awesome.

We sang APCC theme songs and waved the name plates of APCC participant countries.

It was really nice and wonderful experience for us. Hope we can join that again next year.

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  1. So cool, those photos remind me of APCC a lot. I love the yellow band and tshirt. Those memory is so precious and beautiful.

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