Weekly Desk Reports from BCIO Interns


Hope you all are fine. On April 6, we have our 3rd BCIO meeting. We have discussed and finalized the Tasks of 3 new BCIO HO members and BCIO Organization Chart. We have also fixed the PA program schedule. This year, we will arrange a PA & Chaperon Meeting at PA Camp and also there will be an interview session for all PAs and Non BC Chaperons. We have discussed on the JA Performance event. It will be held in front of Fukuoka City Hall. This year, we proposed to APCC, BCIO for commencing BC Carnival 2010. It is a proposal from us to them to have some exposure for BCs. There will be a space for each and every BCs and they have to display and share their BC activities, pictures, videos and souvenirs in front of the public. We hope that this idea will be approved by them. We are also trying to arrange a session with Mr. Kobayashi, the Operating Director of 1st APCC for this year PAs at the BBQ party. In total, we will try our level best to make something different and fruitful for upcoming PA Program.

On April 8, we took part in APCC Charity Golf Tournament 2010. This tournament is one of the biggest events for APCC to raise their funds. The owner of the golf yard is Mr. Aso, The Chairman of APCC. There were more than 250 participants including Mr. Iwamoto, Mr. Kurisu, Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Kubo. It was a nice experience of collecting fund among all the participants. In the prize distribution ceremony, we were introduced as BCIO Interns by Mr. Aso and Mr. Kurisu. From that charity program, APCC donated 1/3 of the total fund to the Handicapped association.

On April 11, we attended the graduation ceremony for Wing Kids after having one & half year training period. In that time period, they visited Indonesia and Malaysia. Also they have been introduced to BCJ. At the end of that program they have received yellow T-shirts from APCC.

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