Weekly Desk Report from BCIO Interns


This week, we had a meeting with BCJ members. We talked to them and get informed about current BCJ.

Also this week was a busy time from everyone of APCC office as because of Mission Project and Wing Kids Projects. You can find some more information and Photos of these projects at BCIO HO Staff Blog: https://bcio.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/mission-project-wing-kids-delegates-has-arrived-in-fukuoka/

This week we worked on PA Program 2010. We made plans and tasks for this year Peace Ambassadors. Hope it will be a successful PA Camp & Exchange Camp.

As you all know this year, three Head Office Members will participate in APCC to cooperate BCIO. They will be in charge of different responsibilities and tasks.

Finally, after coming to Fukuoka as BCIO interns, we have been updating the BCIO HO Staff Blog frequently. So we will be very happy if you visit the BCIO HO Staff Blog and give your precious comments and criticism …… :-).

We are the B R I D G E……



3 Responses

  1. Dear Salman & Karuna,
    Namaste from Nepal
    really nice to know more about BCIO activities. u guys do really gr8 work. Keep it up…….

    We are the Bridge…….

  2. lovely …

  3. Konichiwa Salman & Karuna! Iam Minh Anh JA2009 from Vietnam.I miss APCC and all my friends there. I had a great time with my friends and host family. And I want to know all of camp in 2010 so much. Can you help me? Iam looking forward to hearing from you soon. Here is my email address: nguyenhaminhanh_08101997@yahoo.com.vn

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