Weekly Desk Report of BCIO Interns from BCIO Head Office

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Salman & Karuna !!!

You already know that we have recently joined to BCIO HO in Fukuoka, We would like to share our activities and experience with you once a week as BCIO Interns.
so that you can understand our responsibilities.

This week we had a meeting with the APCC Mission Project delegates at Marine house. As you know this year Mission project will be organized by five countries.
The countries are Maldives, Bhutan, Thailand, Australia and Hawaii. Also There is another group which is called Wing Kids. They will go to Malaysia. Its a kind of study
tour. We went to the Marine House and shared our experiences with them.

Also we had a meeting with the APCC Coordinators. Here we discussed our activities and responsibilities for the upcoming APCC convention.

Currently we are checking all the PA Documents of BC and non BC countries and communicating with the PA applicants for missing documents. Also we are making plan for the upcoming PA Program.

We will keep sharing our tasks and experiences with you regularly. And please share your ideas and suggestions with us so that we can make a successful PA Program

With regards,

Salman & Karuna