Welcome Party from APCC, BCIO for BCIO Interns

Yesterday evening, we had a great Welcome Party from APCC and BCIO. After finishing our office, we went to one Nepali Restaurant with the APCC Coordinators. We have enjoyed a lot and it was a great time for us having company with all the key peoples. Mr. Omura, Member of Planning Department; Mr. Mori, Operating Director of 22nd  APCC; Mr. Kubo, Vice Operating Director; Mr. Iwamoto, Managing Director of BCIO; Mr. Hirota, Managing Director of Nurturing Japanese JA Program and APCC Coordinators Ms. Kanae Kimoto, Ms. Kumiko Mine, Ms. Chikako Kawakami, Ms. Ai Kaijo, Ms. Kanae Oishi, Ms. Chiharu Kakihara, Ms. Asami was there at the party. Also one of the APCC interns Mr. Kubo attended.

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  1. hmmm…..what a nice picture.. !!!!:):) Keep on writing ….cux we r waiting for it everyday….Best of Luck !Take care.

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