Greetings from BCIO Interns

Hello Everyone,

We are Karuna Shrestha and Salman Bari, the interns of BCIO in Fukuoka, Japan. We have been here to cooperate BCIO and APCC for the upcoming APCC convention and also for future BCIO Prospect.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation to achieve our visions……..

With regards,



14 Responses

  1. I’ve been looking forward to your coming, and to your blog!
    Please keep sharing your experience

  2. Hah, this is really awesome! post photos!

  3. Yea sure, we will. its just a beginning. more to come so soon. Take care … 🙂

  4. Hello ….
    Salman Vai & Karuna Didi ….
    All the Best For Your Works …

  5. i like the idea!!waiting to share more….take care

  6. wowww….writing blog is a great idea…!!! Keep on sharing whole of ur experience!!!!:):)

  7. Hey guys,
    all the best and have fun… take care

  8. Thank you so much for your comments. Take care ….. 🙂

  9. Hey Guys,
    I’m so glad you are there in the office to help out this year! See you soon!

  10. Hi guys,
    it’s good to see you all in this blog.. hope to see you soon again someday.. 🙂

    Saut Ichiro
    JA 1989
    PA 2001

  11. Dear Karuna and Salman,

    It is a great idea to have a blog and to keep everybody informed! Thaanks and Goodluck in your future activities! Always willing to cooperate 😀

    /JA-1997; PA-2009/

  12. hi its Great
    Murad JA 1995

  13. Thanks for the best wishes…..

  14. wow! great idea…. i like it…

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