Sakura- A wonderful experience ….. :-)

On March 27 Saturday, we went to picnic with Ms. Ai Kaijo and her friends at Maizuru Park to enjoy Hanami. It is a Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms Adrift

By: Mary Fumento (1999)
Pink petals passing
Scents above so high
Painted porcelain perfection
Blossoms caress the sky

Swaying silent shroud
Suitors strolling by
Pink petals passing
Lover’s gentle sigh

Pastel hues falling
Slow fluttering grace
Pink petals passing
Lining streams in lace

Pink petals passing
Smoothest transit by
Soft essence floating
In most subtle lullaby

Inducing springtime slumber
Upon a satin shore
Sailing with the current
Pink petals pass before

With regards



Weekly Desk Report from BCIO Interns


On 19th March Friday evening, we have participated in APCC Volunteer Divisional  Leaders’ Meeting. The meeting was about to inform APCC Mission Project 2010 & Wing Kids project, Dontaku festival, Charity golf tournament for fund raising. Also we have been introduced as BCIO interns and our activities.

On 20th March Saturday evening, APCC has arranged a program for nurturing the leaders of volunteer groups. It is an event that will be organized for four months and each month there will be a one program for them up to 22nd APCC. As a part of this program, APCC has invited Mr. Kobayashi, the Operating Director of 1st APCC, 1989. He shared his experience on operating the 1st APCC and at the same time managing the delegates, host families, fund and manpower. It was very nice hearing his experience and everyone inspired a lot. After that we had a dinner with Mr. Kobayashi.

Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Iwamoto, Ms. Tama, Karuna and Salman

Group Photo-1

Program for nurturing leaders and volunteer groups

Also this week we have interviewed some PA applicants of different countries through Yahoo, MSN & Skype. It was a very nice experience to talk to them and know their views and ideas.

Interview session-1

Interview session-2

On 24th March Wednesday, we went to the airport to see off the 1st delegate of mission project that has departed from Fukuoka to Bhutan. There were 15 children and 2 chaperons in that group.

This year Mission project is being organized by five countries. The countries are Maldives, Bhutan, Thailand, Australia and Hawaii. Total numbers of 73 children along with 14 Chaperons are going to participate in this year mission project.

This is the 17th Mission Project organized by APCC since 1994.

Other than this, there is another group named Wing Kids where 18 Children and 6 Chaperons will participate in a kind of study tour in Malaysia. And they will leave Fukuoka on 27th March, Saturday.

Mission Project 2010 delegate going to Bhutan

Finally on 25th March Thursday, we attended our 1st BCIO meeting where this year PA program, PA applications from different countries, PA schedule, roles and responsibilities of BCIO HO members, structure of BCIO HO, BCIO Website and some more important issues were discussed.

BCIO Meeting-1

BCIO Meeting-2

After the meeting BCIO gave a warm welcome party for us at Nepali Restaurant …. …. …. 🙂 .

Having Fun-1

Having Fun-1

With regards



Weekly Desk Report from BCIO Interns

Dear Friends,


This week we had couples of meetings with the APCC Supporters and sponsor officials. We have been introduced by APCC and BCIO with them and it was a great opportunity for us to talk to them and share our activities. On Monday, we went to the Fukuoka Urban Research Center and Fukuoka City Hall. And on Wednesday, we went to the Fukuoka Prefectural Government. We had meetings with some of high officials there and they have been the major sponsors and supporters of APCC since long time. Mr. Iwamoto, Managing Director of BCIO and Ms. Kanae, Secretary General of APCC was also there with us. On Tuesday, Karuna went to the Nanotsu Lions Club along with Mr. Kurisu, Senior Executive Director of APCC and Ms. Kanae and had some talk session with the members of that club. It was a meeting about to share her APCC experience, BC activities and current responsibilities as BCIO interns.

Last but not the list, we are learning Japanese Language these days. We attended some classes on that………. :-).




Ketsudanshiki for Mission Project and Wing Kids Delegates

Greetings !!!!!

Yesterday (14th March 2010, Sunday), We went to The Nakamura University to attend the Ketsudanshiki. It’s a kind of gathering or get together of Mission Project and Wing Kids Delegates to unite their soul and spirit. We enjoyed a lot there and had some discussion with them. Also they did a dress rehearsal of their presentation in the stage. This ceremony has been covered by Local Print Media.

Best of Luck to them !!!!

With Regards,

Salman & Karuna

Weekly Desk Report of BCIO Interns from BCIO Head Office

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Salman & Karuna !!!

You already know that we have recently joined to BCIO HO in Fukuoka, We would like to share our activities and experience with you once a week as BCIO Interns.
so that you can understand our responsibilities.

This week we had a meeting with the APCC Mission Project delegates at Marine house. As you know this year Mission project will be organized by five countries.
The countries are Maldives, Bhutan, Thailand, Australia and Hawaii. Also There is another group which is called Wing Kids. They will go to Malaysia. Its a kind of study
tour. We went to the Marine House and shared our experiences with them.

Also we had a meeting with the APCC Coordinators. Here we discussed our activities and responsibilities for the upcoming APCC convention.

Currently we are checking all the PA Documents of BC and non BC countries and communicating with the PA applicants for missing documents. Also we are making plan for the upcoming PA Program.

We will keep sharing our tasks and experiences with you regularly. And please share your ideas and suggestions with us so that we can make a successful PA Program

With regards,

Salman & Karuna

Welcome Party from APCC, BCIO for BCIO Interns

Yesterday evening, we had a great Welcome Party from APCC and BCIO. After finishing our office, we went to one Nepali Restaurant with the APCC Coordinators. We have enjoyed a lot and it was a great time for us having company with all the key peoples. Mr. Omura, Member of Planning Department; Mr. Mori, Operating Director of 22nd  APCC; Mr. Kubo, Vice Operating Director; Mr. Iwamoto, Managing Director of BCIO; Mr. Hirota, Managing Director of Nurturing Japanese JA Program and APCC Coordinators Ms. Kanae Kimoto, Ms. Kumiko Mine, Ms. Chikako Kawakami, Ms. Ai Kaijo, Ms. Kanae Oishi, Ms. Chiharu Kakihara, Ms. Asami was there at the party. Also one of the APCC interns Mr. Kubo attended.

Greetings from BCIO Interns

Hello Everyone,

We are Karuna Shrestha and Salman Bari, the interns of BCIO in Fukuoka, Japan. We have been here to cooperate BCIO and APCC for the upcoming APCC convention and also for future BCIO Prospect.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation to achieve our visions……..

With regards,